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Don't Get Stuck in the Cold This Winter!
Is your furnace ready for the winter?  4 out of 10 furnaces aren't
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Get your Furnace Ready for the winter with our Precision Furnace Tune up ( reg. $189.00)
The new furnace that Furnace Experts installed for us performs exactly as promised. We would,and will recommended them highly to anyone looking for a new furnace. The staff at Furnace Experts were very helpful and answered all of our questions without being pushy, like some of the other furnace companies we called, we liked the friendly way they approached our needs and the efforts they put into giving us a good deal on our new furnace and  air cleaner. Thanks Furnace Experts.
Sandra and Jeff in Toronto
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Are you having a Bad Air Day?
Health Canada has found that indoor air can be six to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air. In major cities such as Toronto , poor indoor air quality can lead to a number of health problems from headaches,and asthma to shortness of breath and serious allergies. Common indoor air quality pollutants are caused by dust, chemicals, inadequate ventilation, and high humidity levels can lead to mold and bacteria growth.
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Furnace Experts helped us dramatically improve the air quality in our home , my daughter used to have trouble sleeping because of allergies, after following Furnace Experts advise, our air feels fresh and our entire family is now healthier because of the improvements we've made.
Sherrie Lowe in Toronto
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Did you know that 1 out of every 4 heating contractors are not licensed, registered or insured as a heating or furnace contractor. Every month the technicians at Furnace Experts come across furnace jobs that were not done properly and in a lot of these cases were left in unsafe situations!                                          Read about some Toronto area homeowners that were taken advantage of by, some fly by night heating and furnace companies
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Still Renting Your
Hot Water Heater
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Furnace Experts can help you unlock the FREE MONEY hidden inside your new Furnace!
There's no better time than now to buy a new furnace, but sorting through the maze of Rebates, Grants and Tax Credits can be confusing, Furnace Experts has helped hundreds of families like you get all the FREE MONEY your eligible for!
Furnace Experts took the time to explain all the rebates and grants that were available to us and how to qualify for them, they even helped us complete the necessary paperwork, the furnace installation went smoothly and the follow up service was great,so far we've gotten back $1600 in rebates and grants. Thank's Furnace Experts for all your help.
Cameron Goldberg in Richmondhill
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"Buying a New Furnace"
Stop Feeding the Beast in Your Basement, It May be Time for a New Furnace
There’s a beast in your basement  your old furnace, and it’s hungry.  If you don’t watch it, your old furnace  will gobble up your family budget this winter.  It gives you chills to think about feeding the beast, but you’ll be left in, in the cold if you don’t.. Furnace Experts can help you put an end to spending more than you have to on your heating bill this winter.

Find out what you can do about the Beast in Your Basement