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 There’s a beast in your basement  your old furnace, and it’s hungry.  If you don’t watch it, your old furnace  will gobble up your family budget this winter.  It gives you chills to think about feeding the beast, but you’ll be left in, in the cold if you don’t.. Furnace Experts can help you put an end to spending more than you have to on your heating bill this winter.

How High Will Gas Prices Rise?
With hurricanes disrupting the nation’s gas supply and uncertainty from the Middle East scaring the commodities speculators into pushing prices higher, it’s going to be more expensive than ever to feed the beast.  According to the Energy Information Administration’s Winter Outlook, “This winter, tight global oil markets and elevated crude oil prices are expected to result in higher heating oil, natural gas and propane prices.”  How much?

+15% for Natural Gas
+28% for Heating Oil
+22% for Propane

How Cold Will This Winter Get?
If that’s not enough, this summer was one of the coolest on record.  There’s no sign that the weather patterns that brought us the unusually cool weather are abating.  If 2009 brought us one of the coolest summers on record, it stands to reason that it will also bring us one of the coldest winters.  Not only will you pay more, but you will use more!

Is It Time To Retire The Beast?
If the furnace is old and broken, where you are facing a repair of several hundred dollars, it may be time to retire the beast.  Not only will you cut your heating expenses, but you can apply the money you would spend on the repair towards the new furnace system.  You don’t have to worry about dead of winter breakdowns and you save the expense of more repairs this year or next year.  

A rule of thumb is to multiply your repair bill times the age of the furnace.  If the result is 3,000 or more, replace it.  If it is less than 2,000, repair it.  If it’s in between, repair it if you plan on moving within the next couple of years.  If not, consider replacing.  If the beast is a  fifteen year old furnace  , you will need to replace it in a few years anyway. More furnace repair may be little more than money down the drain.  It can make more sense to spend money on a new furnace  instead of more repairs. Call Furnace Experts  today and we'll show you how much money you can save by buying a new furnace now.

Stop Feeding the Beast in Your Basement, It May be Time for a New Furnace